About SASS Dance Company

We strive to give all dancers a space to embrace their confidence and own their sass.We are the leaders of dance training on the Central Coast and we want all our dancers to strive to become the best versions of themselves as well as talented young dancer’s.We aim to let all our dancers be free to be themselves and grow in a nurturing and accepting dance environment.

 The start of SASS Dance Company was to encourage all dancers to be confident and embrace what they have got and their true talents.We aim to give all dancers the best dance education and also boost their self-esteem so they can flourish as young people.

 SASS to us means confidence in yourself no matter what others think, embracing who you are and rocking what you have got and finally always owning your talent and striving to always push yourself to become the star you were born to be.Our Director Mariah Sumner has a passion beyond words for dance and dance education.She wants SASS Dance Company to be a place of acceptance and encouragement as well as receiving a one of a kind dance education.

Always Stay Sassy!